Our contribution

Innovating in animal health is what we do best.

The products our members research and develop prevent and treat disease.
Without them, it would be simply impossible to raise healthy livestock or look after our companion animals.

  • Preventing disease

    Prevention protects

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  • Providing solutions for animal health

    available for animal owners everywhere

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  • Supporting animal & human well-being

    Solutions you can rely on

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  • Supporting sustainable agriculture

    Our role in the EU agri-food chain

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  • Preserving treatments for future generations

    Antibiotic use in animal health

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  • Acting on antibiotic resistance

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  • Healthy animals mean healthy people

    ..and a healthier planet

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  • Healthy animals, safe food

    essentials of a nutritious diet

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  • Healthy pets, happy families

    Animals are good for us

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