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  • Press release - 35 winning examples of innovative women farmers


    The 5th Innovation Award for Women Farmers was held on October 15th in Brussels by Copa with the support of the Austrian Presidency, DG Agri and sponsored by AnimalhealthEurope. This biennial award organised on the International Day of Rural...

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  • Press release - Year-on-year success of Responsible Use campaigning demonstrated in 8th ESVAC report


    AnimalhealthEurope is pleased to see efforts to promote the Responsible Use of antibiotics amongst farmers and vets having an impact in the 8th ESVAC* report from the European Medicines Agency.

    “All of AnimalhealthEurope’s member companies and...

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  • news - Info Point: African Swine Fever


    What is African swine fever?

    African swine fever (ASF) is a highly contagious hemorrhagic disease of pigs, warthogs, European wild boar and American wild pigs. All age groups are equally susceptible. With high virulence forms of the virus, ASF...

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  • Press release - Celebrating healthy animals!


    With the new EU regulations for veterinary medicines and medicated feed heading for final sign-off this autumn AnimalhealthEurope hosted an evening celebration to remind decision-makers and stakeholders of the importance of animal health and to...

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  • Press release - PPR: Keeping animal disease outbreaks outside Europe’s borders is best-served by supporting international eradication


    PPR, a devastating animal disease, once on Europe’s doorstep, is now taking a footstep into the EU. Disease presence in bordering countries has an ever-present potential for spill-over into EU countries and is becoming an increasingly regular...

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