EMA Veterinary Awareness Day

The European Medicines Agency is organising its first-ever Veterinary Awareness Day.

With the EU Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation applicable for over a year now, and while stakeholders such as the EU/EEA national competent authoritiesmarketing authorisation holders and veterinary healthcare professionals were involved in defining the new ways of working under the Regulation, the EMA recognises the increased interest in its activities also for other stakeholder groups.

This event therefore aims to provide information to a wider audience. Spread over two days, the event will focus on providing an overview of the Agency’s work in veterinary medicines science and regulation in the European Union and give an insight into how this aims to benefit animal health and welfare. 

It will include sessions on antimicrobial resistance, support for innovation and collaboration with academia. In addition, there will be parallel sessions on more specific topics, such as animal welfare, veterinary medicines and the environment.

The event’s programme will be published at a later stage. 
Registered participants will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions to the panellists. It will also be possible to follow the public broadcast of the event. 

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