The challenges of a universal PFAS ban

23/04/2024 in Papers

The animal health industry shares concerns about the environmental impact of PFAS, also known as 'forever-chemicals'. However, PFAS is a broad non-specific term which does not inform whether a compound is harmful, and not all PFAS present the...
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AnimalhealthEurope signs Antwerp Declaration

27/03/2024 in Papers

There is an urgent need for clarity, predictability, and confidence in Europe and its industrial policy. As very clearly stated by the Belgian PM Alexander De Croo: “We need our industry for their innovation capacity. To come up with...
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AnimalhealthEurope Manifesto: 2024-2029

15/06/2023 in Papers

We all depend on animals in some way – for shaping landscapes and invigorating rural areas, for companionship, assistance, leisure, and for food. In short animal health contributes to our shared One Health. No matter how well we care for our...
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Position: EU Animal Welfare Legislation

05/06/2023 in Papers

Animal health and welfare are closely interconnected. It is a well-known fact that animal health is a prerequisite for animal welfare as clearly recognised in the Five Domains of Animal Welfare. We support the Five Domains, an evolution from the...
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Five points for developing an instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

04/05/2022 in Papers

Download our Paper We recognise that ensuring the health of animals is important for safeguarding the health of people and our planet, not only in terms of ensuring the availability of safe, sustainably produced, healthy food for all, but also...
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The Need For Animal Disease Prevention

19/04/2021 in Papers

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Joint Statement: Comitology Reform Threatening Innovation

17/03/2021 in Papers

We, European Associations representing a wide number of economic sectors affected directly or indirectly by comitology rules, re-iterate[1] the request for timely, reliable authorisations of safe products, based on the best available science...
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European Livestock Coalition Contribution to Sustainable Finance

24/02/2021 in Papers

Members of the European Livestock Coalition (The Coalition) acknowledge the importance of and the efforts made by the EU institutions in mobilising the necessary capital to deliver on the policy objectives of the European Green Deal to have a...
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Joint Statement: Comitology Reform Threatens Innovation

03/12/2020 in Papers

We, European Associations representing a wide number of economic sectors affected directly or indirectly by comitology rules, re-iterate1 the request for timely, reliable authorisations of safe products, based on the best available science from...
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Position: Protecting animals, their health, and our food supply across Europe

01/10/2020 in Papers

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Open Letter on the Value of Animal Agriculture

05/06/2020 in Papers

The coronavirus crisis has brought into focus the incredible public health challenge our world faces, and nowhere is this challenge more apparent than in food production. Nourishing the world during this crisis is a top priority across...
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Discussion Paper in preparation for EU Farm to Fork Strategy Proposal

12/03/2020 in Papers

AnimalhealthEurope supports the ambition of the Commission to move towards an EU sustainable food system, with a transformation based on innovative and enabling technologies, such as digital tools, and practices while respecting biodiversity....
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Policy Statement: AnimalhealthEurope response to European Green Deal

11/12/2019 in Papers

Earlier today, new Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented the European Green Deal. The new framework proposal takes an integrated approach to imposing measures to tackle climate change across a wide variety of EU policy domains,...
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Open letter to MEPs on the importance to sustain EU progress in fighting against AMR

12/09/2019 in Papers

12/09/2019 Dear Member of the European Parliament, Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major and complex public health threat that requires concerted efforts, involving all stakeholders. AMR is estimated to be responsible for 33,000 deaths per...
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Joint Paper: Setting indicators for an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy

29/03/2019 in Papers

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Animal health sector commitments & actions on antibiotic use

13/11/2017 in Papers

AnimalhealthEurope is a signatory of the global 'Animal health sector commitments and actions on antibiotic use'. We advocate the responsible use of veterinary antibiotics to manage animal disease, and act accordingly to maintain their...
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Joint Reaction Paper for an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy

24/10/2017 in Papers

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Briefing paper on One Health

12/10/2017 in Papers

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Joint declaration for an ambitious EU strategy

06/10/2017 in Papers

Europe is the cradle of the manufacturing industry and has been at the forefront of industrial revolutions and technological innovations. The industry directly employs over 34 million people across all Member States, in supply chains comprising...
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What the European animal medicines industry does to fight antibiotic resistance

13/01/2017 in Papers

The animal medicines industry plays an active role in ensuring both the responsible use and the continued efficacy of all solutions for treating and preventing disease in animals. For the past two decades, AnimalhealthEurope and its...
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Position: Proposal for a Regulation on Veterinary Medicinal Products (COM 2014/558)

15/06/2016 in Papers

AnimalhealthEurope supports the Commission’s objectives aimed at increasing the availability of veterinary medicines, reducing administrative burden, stimulating competitiveness and innovation, improving the functioning of the internal market,...
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