Animal welfare

The welfare of animals is important to society. And their good health is a prerequisite for maintaining their welfare.

AnimalhealthEurope members play a key role in providing the treatments and vaccines for ensuring that health, while the association is an active member of the EU platform for Animal Welfare. The platform brings together Member States, EU bodies and organisations to encourage dialogue and debate on relevant animal welfare issues.

Animal welfare and disease

Our concern for animal welfare includes farm animals and pets. Like with people, animals can sometimes get sick and and may require treatment. Ill-health can be the result of a complex combination of factors. Some are intrinsic, such as genetic make-up; some are external, such as living conditions and food; some are environmental, including weather or the presence of air or water-borne diseases. In the instance of disease occurrence it is important to seek veterinary care so that the appropriate treatment can be advised to avoid animal suffering.

Animal welfare and sustainable farming

Farm animals help to meet many of society’s basic needs. They provide food, in the form of milk, eggs and meat as well as wool for clothing. In return, society has a duty of care towards these animals, making sure they are fed, happy and healthy. Increasingly, consumers wish to know that the food they consume has come from animals that have enjoyed a healthy life and therefore a high standard of animal welfare. The higher the standards of animal welfare, the greater the trust consumers can have in the products.