Promoting Responsible Use

While it may seem tempting to restrict antibiotic use to people only, the unfortunate reality is that animals also develop bacterial infections and need treatment. Without antibiotics, disease will spread and animals will suffer. Responsible Use means allowing veterinarians to exercise their professional judgement to decide the most appropriate treatment – including antibiotics. In addition, restricting the use of antibiotics in animals would have other consequences on top of the impact on animal welfare. It would have a substantial impact on Europe’s agri-food economy, at a time when other factors – including climate change – are affecting food production.

AnimalhealthEurope is a founding member of EPRUMA, the European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals, which is devoted to ensuring best practice through responsible use of medicines. This multi stakeholder platform allows veterinarians, farmers and agri-cooperatives, animal medicines and feed manufacturers, and professionals working in animal health and sanitary security to work together to promote antibiotic stewardship.