AnimalhealthEurope Manifesto: 2024-2029

We all depend on animals in some way – for shaping landscapes and invigorating rural areas, for companionship, assistance, leisure, and for food. In short animal health contributes to our shared One Health. No matter how well we care for our animals, they can still get sick and may need medicines. But treating sick animals is just one part of our story. Today’s animal health toolkit offers so much More than Medicine.

Advances in animal health care are prioritising better welfare, improved disease prevention and animal resilience, as well as earlier diagnosis. This facilitates better animal husbandry and improves overall animal health and wellbeing, contributing to a healthier future.

How Europe can support a healthier future

Europe is the birthplace of modern veterinary medicine and home to world-leading animal health companies. We have ambitious ideas for Europe to maintain its first-class reputation for animal health and welfare, sustainability and innovation.
Members of the European Parliament can help by supporting:

One Health approaches in decision-making
Understanding that animal health, human health, and the environment are interconnected and
dependent on each other. Ensuring that decision-making does not jeopardise one for the
protection of the other.

Animal health as a solution to improve animal welfare
Understanding that animal health is a prerequisite for animal welfare. Supporting the
deployment of the entire modern-day animal health toolkit, including new technologies for
data-supported decisions.

Benefit-risk over risk-only processes in policymaking
Understanding that animal health products are approved for their wide-ranging benefits,
while adhering to strict EU rules, guidelines, and authorisation procedures many of which are
controlled by the European Medicines Agency.

Balanced dialogue on the future of animal farming
Understanding the important contributions of Europe’s agri-food sector. Supporting
fact-based exchanges on livestock health and welfare, and sustainability of food systems.

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