Position: Proposal for a Regulation on Veterinary Medicinal Products (COM 2014/558)

AnimalhealthEurope supports the Commission’s objectives aimed at increasing the availability of veterinary medicines, reducing administrative burden, stimulating competitiveness and innovation, improving the functioning of the internal market, and addressing the public health risk of antimicrobial resistance.

We are particularly encouraged by the European Commission’s chosen instrument of Regulation, a tool that will go a long way to ensuring that the rules governing the manufacture, placing on the market, import, export, supply, control and use of veterinary medicines, as well as pharmacovigilance, will be harmonized across the European Union.

In summary, the animal health industry in Europe is encouraged by the Commission’s proposal for new regulation of veterinary medicines and suggests a number of changes that will facilitate innovation, harmonisation and more responsible use of veterinary medicines. The animal health industry anticipates that the new EU legislation will give it the tools to develop innovative and much-needed medicines that safeguard not only animal, but also human and environmental health. The cost of controlling animal disease and the threat of emerging animal and zoonotic diseases poses a very significant threat, not only to the health but also the economy of Europe. As a result, it is vital the changes made to the Regulation on veterinary medicines stimulate innovation, rather than adding further burden to the animal health industry.