What the European animal medicines industry does to fight antibiotic resistance

The animal medicines industry plays an active role in ensuring both the responsible use and the continued efficacy of all solutions for treating and preventing disease in animals. For the past two decades, AnimalhealthEurope and its membership have been proactively leading the charge against the challenge of antibiotic resistance development on a number of different levels. This includes actions such as: providing input into policy tools; promoting responsible veterinary and animal health practices; awareness-raising and more.

This paper outlines ten actions the European animal medicines industry is taking to fight antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance presents a global challenge to both human and animal health. There is growing concern that the human and animal antibiotic toolbox is becoming insufficient to address the challenge of resistant bacteria, and there is a clear need for concerted action that balances public health and the environment and the need to treat sick animals – the One Health approach. As such, AnimalhealthEurope is a signatory association of the Global Animal Health Sector Commitments and Actions on Antibiotic Use.