Animal health industry benchmarks EU Regulatory system for veterinary medicines

AnimalhealthEurope has just published a report benchmarking the EU Regulatory system and how it compares with regulatory systems for veterinary medicines around the world.

“Regulatory regimes can make or break the industry’s ability to fulfil its function of providing medical solutions to prevent and combat animal disease in an effective, cost-efficient and sustainable manner. This report examines the interactions between industry and regulatory systems, particularly the impact of regulations on the animal health industry’s ability to access markets, be innovative and be competitive. The outcome of this survey provides a wealth of information to support informed policy decisions in the continual search for best regulatory practice,” said AnimalhealthEurope’s Technical Director Rick Clayton.

The Global Benchmarking Survey 2020 report for Europe is part of a set of 11 reports on the regulatory systems of different countries around the world. This enables the EU regulatory system to be compared to those in other jurisdictions, particularly important and competing markets such as the USA. Other countries conducting similar reports are Japan, Australia, Canada, China, Brazil, India, South Africa, Russia, and Mexico. A global overview report will be published early in 2021 by HealthforAnimals, the global animal medicines association.

The HealthforAnimals Global Benchmarking Survey is run every five years and this is the sixth report for Europe since 1996, allowing for the identification of key trends. It is also useful for identification of emerging issues in the regulatory environment. The 2020 report is regarded as particularly significant for laying down a benchmark in 2020, one year before the new regulation on veterinary medicines (Regulation 2019/6) becomes applicable and begins having an impact.