Animal Health Matters: AnimalhealthEurope Manifesto for the EU elections

Europe is the birthplace of modern veterinary medicine and home to world-leading animal health companies. With the EU elections just around the corner the animal health industry has four clear ambitions for Europe to maintain its first-class reputation for animal health and welfare, sustainability and innovation.

Firstly, One Health action must be the priority for decision-making. Understanding that animal health, human health, and the environment are interconnected and dependent on each other can help ensure measures do not jeopardise one element to protect another.

Secondly, we invite decision-makers to view animal health as a solution for improved animal welfare and lend their support to the entire modern-day animal health toolkit, including new technologies for data-supported decisions.

Thirdly, ensuring benefit-risk takes priority over risk-only processes in policymaking – in particular when it comes to the place of pharmaceuticals in chemical related policies – will help not only to protect the health of Europe’s animals, but also to safeguard Europe’s strategic autonomy and maintain a strong innovative industry.

And lastly, we ask for deeper understanding of the important contributions of Europe’s agri-food sector to support a more balanced dialogue on the future of animal farming and sustainability of food systems.

AnimalhealthEurope Secretary General Roxane Feller added,

No matter how well we care for our animals, they can still get sick and may need medicines. But treating sick animals is just one part of our story. Today’s animal health toolkit offers so much More than Medicine. Advances in animal health care are prioritising better welfare, improved disease prevention and animal resilience, as well as earlier diagnosis. By ensuring continued access to the full range of animal health products and services available in Europe, together we can protect our planet, and safeguard both its animal and human populations in a One Health manner for the next generations to come.”

Read our full Manifesto for 2024-2029 here

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