Our Sustainability Focus: Healthy animals, healthier people and a healthier planet

The EU Green Week theme this year is Zero Pollution for healthier people and planet. Representing the animal health industry in Europe, we know that we have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future and Europe’s zero pollution ambitions. And scientific studies have indicated that better management of animal health and resources in livestock farming can lead to a 30% decrease in emissions, while protecting public health and that of our environment.

This new brochure – Healthy animals, healthier people and a healthier planet – published today looks at how, as an industry, we can contribute to the Green Deal and support the EU’s stated ambition to become the first climate-neutral region in the world. Our industry’s priority focus lies in protecting animal health, but we also ensure that our business, products and services also contribute to the environmental, social, and economic pillars of sustainability. On top of providing innovative solutions and services to detect, prevent and treat diseases for a more holistic care of animals, our members focus on 5 key principles: responsible business conduct; responsible sourcing; responsible research; responsible manufacturing; and responsible use and disposal. 

Beyond our own practices, a key business driver for the European animal health industry for many years now, has been developing solutions to help improve the sustainability of the livestock and aquaculture sectors. By bringing solutions for issues such as emerging infectious diseases, food safety and security, environmental impacts of medicines, and antimicrobial resistance, the animal health industry plays a key role in enhancing the sustainability of these sectors to help deliver on the Green Deal’s ambition of becoming the first climate-neutral continent in the world.

“As a key contributor to healthier people and a healthier planet, with this brochure we aim to highlight not only how healthier animals contribute, but also how our member companies support a clean, fair and circular economy, alongside healthy and sustainable communities. We are pleased to share a number of actions taken by the company members of AnimalhealthEurope that support all three pillars of sustainability,” commented Roxane Feller, AnimalhealthEurope Secretary General.

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