Positive steps from Sweden to strengthen One Health cross sectorial collaboration for zoonotic health threats

An information note from the Swedish Presidency for the Council meeting on Agriculture and Fisheries calling for strong and effective cross-sectoral collaboration for future One Health challenges is a positive step for concrete application of the concept.

The One Health concept, put into practice since the beginning of veterinary science by the animal health sector, was brought to the public arena from discussions about addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and further highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic. As One Health extends far beyond AMR with recognition that animal health, human health and our environment are linked, it is encouraging to see the growing will and opportunities to further boost cross sectorial collaborations to deal with common threats to our shared health.

AnimalhealthEurope welcomes this firm step from the Swedish Presidency to highlight the need for the European Union to be prepared for future One Health challenges.

Identifying knowledge gaps and strengthening collaboration, as well as exchanging best practices on managing cross-border health threats are essential for global health security for both people and animals. Lessons learnt both from the pandemic and animal disease outbreaks point to a need for increased disease surveillance and funding for preventive measures, alongside enhanced education and training of new professionals in One Health management,” said Roxane Feller AnimalhealthEurope Secretary General.